About This Site

These pages have been developed using AOLPress 2.0, the freeware Website designer from AOL (they do actually do something properly). I followed Bo Leuf's former example in this, but not his page layout, which I cribbed from the Webzine Beyond HTML, and simplified by eliminating the CSS support (although that may be replaced if I decide that the layout advantages are worth the bodges and kludges needed to get around browser incompatibilities).

It is my opinion that a site like this, which is mainly text, stands or falls on two things - content and speed. The almost universal use of tables for page layout seems to leave the visitor staring at a blank screen while a large table downloads (or does someone know the evil incantation in HTML that causes a table to render while it downloads? If you do, please tell me). I can't do anything about your opinion of the content, but speed is another thing - frames help! Admittedly some frames are very obtrusive, but I think this will not poke you in the eye.

Don't look for gratuitous use of graphical whizbangs - they get in the way of the text. If I do use any big graphics, I'll warn you first. Also, all graphic links have ALT tags with information about the content of the image, so that those of you who browse with images off can see what they are letting themselves in for..

I've aimed for a fairly low common denominator, the HTML is strictly version 3.2 compliant (at least what AOLPress thinks is compliant!) and has been checked in Firefox 3.0 and IE 6.0. It should work OK in any frames-capable browser (if you're not using a version 2 or better browser, why not? Run, don't walk, to one of the links at the bottom of the page and get a newer version. I'll wait).

Non-UK readers, particularly those resident in America, or influenced by American English, should remember that I am British (well, Welsh, actually) by birth and residence, so I spell in the British English fashion, and most of my mode of speech and writing is British also, although there are some adoptive influences, mostly from America. I regard this as unavoidable in a living language, despite what the Academie Francaise would have one believe about French.

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