About Us

We are quite a large family, five people and four (surviving) pets, all living in a two storey, semi-detached house in West London.

In order, you find Geoff and Jane, and their daughters Sarah-Jane, Kathryn and Jennifer. The pets are Scruffy, Tabitha and new arrival Tom Kitten, all British short-haired cats (Tom is a Manx cat and has the almost absent tail, characteristic of the breed), two full-size hamsters, Soot (not Sooty) and Splat, and Splash the budgerigar.

August 2001: Splash has died. Her cage has been scrapped (the stand remains) but we do not intend to obtain a new budgie for the moment.

Late August 2001: Scruffy died while we were on holiday. We haven't decided whether to get another cat yet - if I have my way, we'll reduce the size of the menagerie

This photo is a formal portrait, taken in 1998 to provide a Golden Wedding Anniversary present for Jane's parents. (click on the image for a full size view - it's 400x293 pixels, 35kB)

Thumbnail Portrait of Us 1998

Now some brief biographical data:-

Geoff  born 1948, Tredegar, Gwent, UK. Educated Lewis School, Pengam, and University of Manchester. Graduated B.Sc. Physics and Electronic Engineering, with Honours, 1970. Previously Grade 'C' Engineer with the British Broadcasting Corporation Television Service, latterly as a telecine colourist: later Videotape engineer and first level broadcast equipment maintenance engineer at two UK based satellite television companies. Now has a sideline in Netware server administration, general IT consultancy and first level system support. Plans include expanding into the Linux arena.

Jane  born 1957, London, England. Educated St Augustine's Priory and Weymouth College of Education. Graduated 1975. Trained but non-practicing teacher. Previously civil servant, now home-maker and local council-registered childminder.

Sarah-Jane, born 1983, London, England. First Year undergraduate at University of Wales, Bangor. Former Brownie Guide and Girl Guide, holder of the Baden-Powell Trefoil, the highest award a Guide can gain. You will find some pictures of the BP Trefoil presentation ceremony here.

Kathryn, born 1986, London, England. School student. Former Brownie Guide, now Girl Guide.

Jennifer, born 1988, London, England. School student. Former Brownie Guide, now Girl Guide.

All the girls are studying (or have studied) at the same school Jane attended when she was young. It was a Convent school, although the nuns who ran it have now moved on - there were only 8 of them at the end. It is a private school, fee-paying, and associated with the local Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church (all the female members of this family are practicing Catholics)