Geoff's Musings

This will be a collection of essays of varying lengths about events of the time, both at home and away. Some of the comments may be a little controversial, but I'm not aiming to deliberately defame or libel anyone. If you feel offended or insulted, let me know before you reach for your lawyer.

Kosovo 1999 and armed intervention more added 1999 August 15
The Saga of the CD-Writer  
Trying to use PCB layout software 1999 June 8
The GPS EOW Rollover 1999 August 22
Murphy's Law and inanimate objects 1999 August 29
East Timor updated 1999 Sept 17
Aureate Adserver 2000 Mar 17
Installing Linux updated 2001 July 31
The Sklyarov Case 2001 July 31
Global Positioning System Accuracy 2001 Sept 5
Installing BT "Wires Only" ADSL 2002 December 5
Setting up PocketAPRS 2010 June 2
My CarPC 2010 June 2
CarPC Mark 1A
The BBC Domesday Project