Sarah's Trefoil Ceremony

On the 22nd February, 1999, Sarah was awarded the Baden-Powell Trefoil, which is the highest award a Girl Guide can gain, and signifies great achievement within the Movement.

The award ceremony took place at the Methodist Chuch Hall, in Hanwell, West London. The presentation was made by the Guide Movement's District Commissioner, Bridget Towle.

A presentation like this is a sufficiently rare event that the local newspaper expressed an interest in covering it. Unfortunately, their photographer could not attend for the actual presentation, so he came early, and we staged a dummy presentation for him.

After the event, I obtained copies, and have posted them here. These first 3 images are ©1999, Gazette Newspapers.


At the actual presentation, I took a few pictures with the Kodak

Commissioner Bridget describes to the assembled Brownies and Guides exactly what Sarah's achievement involves.

Here the Commissioner is pinning the Trefoil badge onto Sarah's sash, at the top, to symbolise the high achievement.

 Sarah retakes the Guide Oath.

Commissioner Bridget presents Sarah with her certificate.

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